Tregaskiss' SureStart Contact Tips reduce arc start failures by up to 50%

To reduce arc start failures that can lead to costly rework and downtime in robotic welding applications, Tregaskiss offers its SureStart Contact Tips. SureStart Contact Tips reduce arc start failures by up to 50% and prevent early, unexpected burn backs. The contact tips are beneficial for applications with a high volume of tacking and short welds using solid wire in CV (Constant Voltage) welding modes.

SureStart Contact Tips come in 20-count blister packages, which offer protection against welding environment contaminants and can be stocked in facility vending machines. SureStart Contact Tips are designed for use on Tough Gun Robotic MIG Guns and are part of Tregaskiss’ Tough Lock Contact Tip family. They can be paired with Tregaskiss’ Tough Lock Retaining Heads and offer the same features as Tough Lock Contact Tips, including a dual lead-thread design that allows them to be rotated 180 degrees to create a new wear surface for extended life. SureStart Contact Tips are available for multiple wire diameter sizes ranging from .030 to .052 inches. 

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