Noshok's 800 Series electronic indicating pressure transmitter/alarm is designed for corrosive applications

Designed specifically for corrosive applications such as water, wastewater and chemical environments, the Noshok 800 Series electronic indicating pressure transmitter/alarm with plastic threaded diaphragm seal provides continuous pressure monitoring, while its teflon diaphragm isolates and protects it from corrosive media.

The transmitter/alarm allows the programming of the set points without applying pressure, and its contact functions (normally open/normally closed), reset points, contact types (npn/pnp) and alarm function (hysteresis/gate) are simple to adjust via the two buttons. By the use of proven ceramic sensors, this pressure alarm features a high level of repeatability and durability. The turnable display and the optional turnable process connection allow ease of installation and wiring.

Featuring a heavy-duty design for safety, the (PTFE) teflon diaphragm protects the instrumentation from corrosive media and is engineered to provide chemical resistance. Its upper housing is glass-filled polypropylene.

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