Kadant Johnson's SNX rotary joint is designed for applications with a rotating pipe and two flow passages

Kadant Johnson Inc., a subsidiary of Kadant Inc, has introduced a self-supported rotary joint for steam and thermal oil applications. The SNX rotary joint is designed specifically for applications with a rotating pipe and two flow passages. It also features a convex seal ring and two carbon graphite support bearings.  

The two support bearings are widely-spaced to support the joint and rotating horizontal pipe. The external bearing is free to rotate, distributing overall wear and extending the rotary joint life. The rotating pipe is sealed and supported by the end of the nipple, eliminating drive key wear resulting from rotating pipe misalignment. In addition, the O-ring sealed spring shoulder and internal differential seal for the rotating syphon pipe provide a positive seal between the steam inlet and condensate outlet.

The SNX rotary joint is available with a one-inch threaded or quick-release flange nipple connection and is rated up to 500 °F, 300 psig and 450 RPM for steam service. In addition to steam applications, the SNX rotary joint can be applied to thermal oil applications up to 650 °F and 150 psig.

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