Wiley X Jake protective eyewear features light-adjusting brown lenses and gloss black frames

Wiley X Inc. has added the Wiley X Jake to its Climate Control Series line of eyewear. The Wiley X Jake features light-adjusting brown lenses and gloss black frames.

The glasses are made with high velocity protection (HVP) selenite polycarbonate lenses and nearly unbreakable nylon frames. With frames and lenses that meet stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 impact and optical standards, the Wiley X Jake will protect users' eyes from flying wood, metal and other occupational hazards.

The lightweight and comfortable Wiley X Jake features a removable, durable and vented foam gasket that locks securely into lightweight ANSI-certified frames. The resulting facial cavity seal effectively creates a climatically controlled insulate that protects the wearer’s eyes from elements such as wind, dust, dirt, debris, precipitation and even rocks or gravel.

The light-adjusting lenses automatically adjust to provide the same visual acuity and protection for work indoors and out. They darken when exposed to the sun’s UV rays and lighten when the sun fades or when working indoors.

Featuring a seamless hinge for increased durability and treated with a special scratch-resistant hard coat to stand up to rugged use, the Wiley X Jake has no problem standing up to the rigors of the most demanding vocation. For added versatility, it’s available in five other lens and frame color combinations, and available with prescription lenses. Each pair comes standard with a durable case and micro fiber cleaning cloth.

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