LumaSense Technologies' Mikron Pulsar III infrared thermometers for monitoring of high-temperature reactors

LumaSense Technologies has unveiled a new generation of temperature measurement solutions designed specifically for continuous-duty monitoring of high-temperature reactors of all kinds, based on the Pulsar III.

The Pulsar III is designed to replace narrow scale pyrometers, thermocouples (T/C) and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) where performance is marginal, unreliable or impractical. Through computer calibration and advanced electronics, Mikron has produced a non‑contact thermometer exceeding T/C temperature ranges in a single, linear and continuous scale of 662 to 3632°F (350 to 2000°C). The Pulsar III is designed to measure two wavelengths using the same optics for continuous and instantaneous measurement of refractory temperature (RT), gas temperature (GT) and integrated temperature (FF) in the vessel away from the heat, vibration and corrosive gases. The Pulsar III includes digital communication and control software with the Mikron Flame Management Algorithm (FMA). This algorithm compensates for flame and refractory crosstalk between channels.

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