LEDtronics' EXL-TPW Series LED Exit Light Bulbs offer an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours

LEDtronics' EXL-TPW Series Pure White LED Exit Light Bulbs provide a more reliable alternative to conventional T6 incandescent exit-sign tubes. Brighter, longer-lasting, more power-efficient and maintenance-free, the EXL-TPW Series of exit-sign bulbs offers a sensible choice when it comes to replacing incandescent bulbs.

Because LEDs have no filament, their solid-state design renders them impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. With an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours (5.7 years), white LED bulbs operate more than 20-times longer than the equivalent incandescent bulb. LED lamps produce almost no heat and use up to 90% less operating power than equivalent filament-based bulbs.

The flame-retardant and impact-resistant polycarbonate resin construction of the LEDtronics EXL-TPW Series LED bulbs allows for greater durability as well as visibility in bright light when it may be too light to see your typical incandescent bulb light up. 

Designed on standard bases, the LEDtronics replacements can be directly installed, requiring no modifications to the socket or to the circuit that supplies power. The bulbs come in base options of E12 Candelabra Screw, 15mm E17 Intermediate Screw and 15mm DC Bayonet, and can easily replace incandescents such as 20T6½ DC or IF and 15T6. The EXL-TPW LED bulbs are compatible with most standard exit signs and are suitable for use in both single- or double-sided fixtures.

All Series EXL-TPW LED bulbs are rated for incoming voltages of 120VAC and put out from 21 to 25 lumens (depending on base) of unfiltered, 5000K pure white light, using less than one watt of energy. In addition, the LED bulbs come with a five-year warranty.

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