Trimble's GIS-based office and handheld asset maintenance inspection solution for utilities

Trimble has introduced a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based office and handheld asset maintenance inspection solution for utilities. The solution is comprised of two products: the Trimble UtilityCenter Field Inspector software for handhelds and the Trimble UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module. In combination with Trimble Mapping and GIS rugged handheld computers with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the software offers electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities of all sizes a scalable and easy-to-deploy field solution for improving asset maintenance inspection operations.

Trimble UtilityCenter Field Inspector software provides a handheld field maintenance inspection solution for optimizing utility field operations. The software allows mobile workers to perform a variety of maintenance inspection tasks in the field to improve the organization’s maintenance programs, enhance system reliability and improve customer service. 

Whether performing electric, gas, water or wastewater maintenance inspection tasks, the UtilityCenter Field Inspector software helps streamline operations with predefined workflows, easy-to-use smart data entry forms and the ability to interactively view jobs and assets using a map display. The handheld software provides centralizes job tracking and administration to support field deployments of all sizes. Through a single listing of all jobs and their status, users can quickly and easily identify job assignments and priorities.

Leveraging Trimble Mapping and GIS handheld devices, the software allows utility field workers to capture GPS time and location information along with digital photos using standardized workflows and simple handheld data collection forms. The GPS data can be used to route jobs, locate workers and assets and provide a valuable validation of where and when work is performed to support regulatory reporting. 

By putting utility maintenance inspection technology directly in the hands of the mobile workforce, UtilityCenter Field Inspector allows field crews to complete their work faster and more accurately.

Trimble UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module replaces the existing Trimble UtilityCenter uaMaintenance module. The software module is specifically designed for utilities seeking a robust, spatial (ESRI ArcGIS) enterprise Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution. It provides a powerful solution to help utilities maintain and manage all types of transmission and distribution (T&D) system and plant equipment — from power transformers and pressure pump stations to vehicles and high-value testing equipment.

UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module gives operations and maintenance departments the ability to manage equipment maintenance through one solution. Users can generate and schedule work orders for both routine and preventative maintenance work on equipment of all types, and asset maintenance history can be stored and easily viewed, enabling users to make timely, informed decisions, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Producing reports with the Maintenance-2 module, whether they are for internal use or mandated inspection for regulatory compliance, are easy and efficient. By incorporating asset maintenance history to understand where resources and dollars have been utilized, the UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module provides valuable insight to plan future activities.

The UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module is one component of the modular Trimble UtilityCenter software suite, a family of scalable, workflow automation solutions designed to streamline the daily business processes of electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities. Together with the UtilityCenter Field Inspector software and Trimble's handhelds, Trimble UtilityCenter Maintenance-2 module provides a total solution to improve utility maintenance programs, enhance system reliability and improve operational efficiency.

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