IDEC's LF1B LED light strips are available in different colors

Maintaining 70% of their initial luminance at 40,000 hours and using one-third the energy of fluorescent lights, LF1B light strips help users save energy. These LED light strips provide a bright light source, 62.5 Lumens/Watts, while producing less heat than a fluorescent lamp. IDEC's LF1B series of LED light strips are also available in different colors: cool white, warm white, yellow and red.

LF1B miniature LED light strips are 27.5 millimeters wide and 16 millimeters thick. They are available in four lengths with LED arrays of 3x1 to 24x1 and a choice of two covers (transparent or white). LF1B LEDs have an IP54 rating, providing protection from dust or water spray, and a rated voltage of 24V DC.

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