Draeger's X-plore 1700 filtering facepiece respirators maximize wearer comfort

When developing the X-plore 1700 series, Draeger made sure that the mask was easy-to-handle and maximized wearer comfort. The Draeger X-plore 1700 series utilizes a combination of filter media that demonstrates strong protection and minimizes breathing resistance. An available exhalation valve further enhances breathing performance. The direction of the valve opening is aligned to the airflow during exhalation. This feature ensures that exhaled air is expelled outside of the mask with far less effort. Additionally, the mask incorporates a moisture-repellent inner fleece to enhance comfort when worn for extended periods.

To ensure a pressure-free fit, the head harness of the Draeger X-plore 1700 consists of a continuous-loop, permanently elastic stable textile band. A foam nose pad and flexible nose clip permit a comfortable and individual fit with improved sealing characteristics at the nose.

Special versions of the series feature an activated carbon layer to help remove organic vapors below the permissible exposure limit. The series includes masks of N95, N95 with valve, N95 Odor with valve and R95 with valve.

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