ITT's Bell and Gossett Technologic 502 variable speed pump controller offers energy savings for HVAC applications

ITT’s Bell and Gossett Technologic 502 variable speed pump controller creates a smarter, more cost-efficient and energy-saving pump system for HVAC and pressure booster applications. The 502 integrated pump controller and adjustable frequency drive offer additional features that increase ease of setup and menu navigation, lengthen equipment life and lower operating costs.

  • Control of up to four parallel pumps
  • Four analog inputs for a combination of zone sensors, flow sensors and suction sensors
  • Customized algorithms to handle the entire range of pumping applications, including secondary, tertiary, hot water, chilled water and pressure boosting
  • Program safeguards against damaging hydraulic conditions, such as pump flow surges, hunting and system over-pressurization
  • Local and remote start/stop capability
  •  RS-485 Communications
  • Designed to provide equipment payback in one to three years

The Technologic 502 contributes to LEED certification and may also qualify for economic stimulus rebate or local power company incentives.

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