FixLogix part-holding system uses a T-slot fixture plate for non-contact scanning

NVision Inc. and FixLogix LLC have partnered to provide a modular part-holding system for non-contact scanning. The FixLogix part-holding system uses a T-slot fixture plate with integrated components to stage the part on the machine.

The T-slot plate has a clamp ledge around the perimeter to allow lock-down with toe-clamps. “Near zero” force clamps feature a self-wedging design for trapping soft or fragile parts without distortion. The FixLogix modular part-holding system provides multi-axis infinite positioning of locating components, which simplifies fixture construction. The frame is laser engraved with reference scales along the T-slots, providing clear documentation of the fixture setup for easy repeatability. The modular part-holding system works equally well with optical scanning systems mounted on gantries and portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

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