Parker Legris Transair's compressed air piping system reduces energy bills by 60%

Parker Legris Transair, a division of Legris S.A.S and Parker Hannifin, offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient aluminum compressed air piping system that can save a typical industrial plant up to 60% on its energy bills. Transair’s air piping system increases air system reliability, reduces maintenance costs and increases production rates.

The Transair system can be easily assembled, modified and expanded, and its modular design makes the Parker Transair system quicker and less expensive to install than traditional systems. Transair’s air pipe system can be integrated into existing copper and steel piping without compromising performance. The instant connections eliminate the need to thread, solder or glue pipe. The aluminum pipe is also easy-to-handle and safe to work with on elevated platforms.

Available in ½- to four-inch pipe sizes, the Transair system features push-to-connect technology and provides a leak-free guarantee. The aluminum pipe eliminates corrosion and helps to avoid frequent changes of filtration elements.

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