XSPlatforms' XTS-Globe rotating anchorage point has a 360-degree rotating safety eye

XSPlatforms has introduced an anchorage point with a 360° rotating safety eye, the XTS-Globe. The rotating safety eye provides maximum freedom of movement while working at heights.

The XTS-Globe is designed to be used as a detachable roof anchorage point. Inspection is possible at any time (visually or by means of a tensile test) without activating the anchorage point. The XTS-Globe provides the same level of safety as traditional anchorage systems; the system has a CE mark and EN 795 class A certification.

The XTS-Globe can be used on practically all types of roofs and is more cost-effective than conventional anchorage systems. Positioning is four to five times faster than conventional anchorage points. The XTS-Globe is mounted directly onto the existing roof cladding without extra construction costs or prior preparations. The XTS-Globe can then be mounted straight onto the base plate. A shock absorber is required in the mobile fall line. In the unlikely event of a fall, the shock absorber absorbs the energy released. After such a fall the XTS-Globe can easily be replaced without damage to the roof.

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