Crown Equipment's RR 5700 Series reach trucks feature a traction control system

The Crown RR 5700 Series of reach trucks is designed to deliver greater material handling productivity, efficiency and safety. Specifically engineered for narrow-aisle warehouse environments, the Crown RR 5700 features a traction control system, enhanced execution of load-handling functions, and fast lift and travel speeds.

The Crown RR 5700 is the first pantograph reach truck with a traction control system designed to prevent the truck from slipping on wet, dusty or sealed floors. The Crown OnTrac Anti-Slip Traction Control uses the integrated Crown Access 1 2 3 control system to compare the truck’s speed with the number of revolutions per minute the drive tire is turning to determine whether the truck has lost traction. By reducing tire spin during acceleration and preventing wheel lock-up during braking, the system reduces slipping and sliding. This decreases tire wear, increases efficiency, helps reduce the risk of accidents and product damage, and improves operator confidence in slick conditions. Other enhancements include:

  • Lift and travel speed: The Crown RR 5700 travels 7% faster, lifts 18% faster and lowers 16% faster than similar reach trucks. Cornering speed control in the Crown RR 5700 slows the truck’s speed as the steer angle increases so that turns can be negotiated safely. Truck performance settings can be customized to individual operator preferences.
  • Operator comfort: The Crown RR 5700 includes a suspended floorboard that absorbs vibration, and trucks can be outfitted with a ThermoAssist package for improved operator comfort in refrigerated or freezer applications. S-Class trucks include a padded seat, which can be adjusted to three different positions to allow drivers to sit, lean or stand during truck operation. The S-Class operator compartment is 45% larger than those on other reach trucks and features a special footrest that offers postural relief while promoting a safe operating position. These ergonomic advantages, in addition to an adjustable arm rest, work together with safety features such as an entry bar safety switch and position hold to promote safe lift truck operation while maximizing productivity.
  • One-Touch Rack Height Select: Available as an add-on element, a rack height selection feature allows operators to stop the forks at a specific rack level with the click of a button. While other systems require users to choose from two entry heights for each rack level, one for pallet pick-up and a slightly higher height for pallet put-away, the Crown RR 5700’s One-Touch Rack Height Select senses whether the truck is carrying a load and adjusts rack entry height accordingly. A tilt-position-assist function further facilitates pallet entry at upper rack levels by leveling the forks.

The Crown RR 5700 Series of trucks is offered in reach heights greater than 36 feet with lift capacities of 4,500 pounds. The Crown RR 5700 is available with AC-powered drive and hydraulic systems.

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