Autodesk's Navisworks 2010 software offers new features for process and power customers

Autodesk Inc. has released Navisworks 2010 software for managing, simulating and reviewing design and engineering projects in 3-D. Autodesk Navisworks 2010 provides new capabilities that manage multi-disciplinary plant design and engineering workflows and enhance coordination across distributed teams. Plant-relevant features include:  

  • Clash grouping and detection — Autodesk Navisworks combines precise faultfinding with hard, soft, clearance and time-based clash management. Engineers can more quickly review and cross-check geometry created by most 3-D authoring software; maintain a complete record of all clashes found throughout a project; check time and space coordination; and resolve site and workflow issues at the planning stage.
  • Multi-format support — Compatible with most major 3-D design and laser scan formats, Autodesk Navisworks can combine 3-D data from multiple formats, regardless of file size, into a comprehensive, dynamic information model that can be shared with all stakeholders.
  • Collaboration — Autodesk Navisworks enables design teams across engineering disciplines to view, annotate, expand, revise and analyze one comprehensive information model for informed, timely decision-making. All project review files saved in Navisworks format are compressed, streamable and can be viewed with the free Navisworks viewer.
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