Lechler's full cone spray nozzles can handle a range of capacities

Lechler has introduced a line of full cone spray nozzles that can handle a range of capacities from a fraction of a gallon per minute to thousands of gallons per minute. Full cone nozzles cover a complete circular area and are appropriate for spray applications requiring cleaning, cooling or desuperheating, coating, dust suppression and surface spraying.

Lechler’s full cone line includes:

  • The 460 Series — Low- to medium-capacity nozzles for a variety of cleaning, cooling and coating applications
  • The 422 Series — Low-capacity nozzles for applications such as cleaning, cooling, scrubbing and chemical reactors
  • The 403 and 405 Series — Medium- and high-capacity nozzles for cleaning, gas cooling and desuperheating
  • The 459 Series — Medium- to high-capacity nozzles for quench cooling, fire suppression and chemical processing
  • The 455 Series — High-capacity nozzles for surface spraying, quench cooling and scrubbers
  • The 525 Series — Wide-angle, low-capacity nozzles for fire suppression and wide-area spraying

Most Lechler full cones are available in 316-grade stainless steel and brass materials. Selected models also come in PVDF. Other materials are available upon request.

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