Zoho's ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk software manages and monitors users' facilities and assets

ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk is web-based facilities management software that manages and monitors a company's facilities and assets in demanding business environments. ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk is an integrated suit of facilities management solutions offering two applications: CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) and CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management System). Both focus on cutting costs of facilities and asset management and maintenance, and on maximizing efficiency through automation at affordable price points.


  • Work order management and tracking
  • Maintenance management 
  • Preventive maintenance/schedule maintenance 
  • Breakdown maintenance/reactive maintenance
  • Asset management and tracking 
  • Purchase orders management and tracking 
  • Contracts creation, management and tracking


  • CMMS
  • Portfolio management 
  • Property management 
  • Lease management 
  • Space management and optimization 
  • AutoCAD integration 
  • Grid layout
  • Move management

Common features include:

  • Self-service portal with dashboards
  • Intuitively directing configuration wizard 
  • Manager's dashboard 
  • SLA management 
  • Surveys creation and management 
  • Comprehensive reporting 
  • Create and offer a self-customized KnowledgeBase 
  • Integration with ServiceDesk
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