LEDtronics' T8/bi-pin LED lighting tubes replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes

LEDtronics has unveiled a line of energy-efficient, fluorescent-replacement T8/bi-pin LED lighting tubes. The LED48T8-288-001W bi-pin LED fits into standard G13 bases and is designed to directly replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. The 48-inch white tubes provide the equivalent light output of 24- to 32-watt fluorescent lamps while consuming less than19 watts. In addition, the LED48T8 tubes run on a voltage range of 100 to 290 volts AC.

While conventional fluorescent lamps typically have a rated life in the range 8,000 to 24,000 hours, the LED48T8 lamps boast an operating life of 50,000 hours — 5.7 years of continuous light. Since the LED lights produce minimal wasted heat, the temperature inside the fixture does not build up as it does with conventional fluorescent tubes. The UV-resistant polycarbonate housing over the LED tube provides increased protection and shielding against many environmental effects, allowing the LED48T8 lamps to be placed in locations where typical lights would be more vulnerable to the elements.

The LEDtronics LED48T8 lights deliver up to 1,342 lumens at a color temperature of 5000K (pure daylight white) and 1,072 lumens at a color temperature of 3000K (warm white). They provide a brightness of up to 429 maximum foot candela across a 114° beam pattern with a CRI of 80.

The LEDtronics LED48T8 tubes comply with RoHS — the lead-free and mercury-free directive — as well as the CE safety assurance. They emit no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, and reduce light pollution. The LED48T8-288-001W Premium four-foot (1200-millimeter) tube lights come in two colors — Warm White (SIW) and Pure Daylight White (TPW). Other viewing angles, tube lengths and LED colors are available for OEM customers.

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