Daikin McQuay Pathfinder air-cooled chiller helps building owners qualify for LEED certification

The Daikin McQuay Pathfinder air-cooled chiller has been designed to exceed HVAC industry standards for operating efficiency. The chiller’s quiet operation makes it well-suited for sound-sensitive environments. Unit capacities range from 175 to 515 tons in both 50 and 60 Hz.

With three levels of operating efficiency—standard, high and premium—the Daikin McQuay Pathfinder chiller allows building owners to select an HVAC system that meets their requirements. Designed with low-speed fans with blade profile and a single-rotor compressor to minimize mechanical vibration, the chiller’s sound pressure level is rated as low as 67 dBA at a distance of 30 feet per ARI Standard 370. Key components are located on the unit’s periphery, allowing easy access to the most commonly serviced components. 

The Pathfinder chiller operates with R-134a refrigerant, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule. The chiller helps owners qualify for LEED Green Building Rating System certification through optimizing efficiency and refrigerant management.

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