Weldcraft's WP-17 Series TIG torches offer enhanced performance on thin- to medium-gauge materials

Weldcraft's WP-17 Series air-cooled TIG torches offers enhanced torch control and welding performance on thin- to medium-gauge materials. The WP-17 Series includes five different styles of TIG torches, including standard, valved and flex neck models.

The WP-17 and WP-17V models feature Weldcraft's Diamond Grip torch body to provide operators with a secure grip. This ergonomic torch body also helps the operator maintain the correct positioning between the torch and weld joint and reduces downtime associated with operator fatigue. The WP-17V model features a fingertip gas valve to improve shielding gas control when used with power sources that do not have a gas solenoid. Both models use 10N series consumables, and they offer 150 amp DC and 115 amp AC welding capabilities at 60% duty cycle.

Other WP-17 series models include the WP-17F, a flex neck version designed to allow access to hard-to-reach areas, and the WP-17FV model. The WP-17FV torch also features an adjustable flex neck, as well as a gas valve to help improve shielding gas control. 

The last of the WP-17 Series, the WP-17 PSH model, features a threaded handle for pipe welding applications using the cup walking technique.

Weldcraft offers the WP-17 Series torches in 12.5- and 25-foot, one- or two-piece cable lengths with multiple accessory kits, cable covers and extension kits.

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