Hitachi's RCU Series regenerative converters offer a green alternative to traditional dynamic braking systems

Hitachi America Ltd. announces the release of its RCU Series of regenerative converter units. The RCU Series offers an affordable, “green” alternative to traditional dynamic braking (DB) systems. Instead of wasting regenerative energy as heat, the RCU reclaims that energy, converting it into three-phase alternating current (AC) power. The energy is recycled through the AC line, resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

The waste heat generated by conventional DB often creates the need for additional cooling and air-conditioning, which can be costly. Incorporating an RCU in the system allows for a smaller cooling system (HVAC), offsetting the up-front cost of the regenerative unit and reducing the demands placed on the cooling system.  

The RCU is simple-to-install with only five connections necessary for basic operation. It incorporates LC-filtering to mitigate harmonics and an LED display for monitoring of operation and faults. The RCU is available in several sizes, and units can be parallel-connected for higher power handling. 

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