Emerson's CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter delivers predictive diagnostics for all types of rotating machinery

Emerson has extended the monitoring capabilities of its CSI 9210 Machinery Health Transmitter. The CSI 9210, which monitors vibration, temperature and speed on machine trains, can now be applied more extensively to plant and mill rotating machinery, including motors, fans, cooling tower fans, pumps and compressors. A component of PlantWeb digital plant architecture, the smart transmitter analyzes the health of mechanical equipment through predictive diagnostics to improve plant availability and performance.

Condition monitoring diagnostics from the CSI 9210 give plant personnel a better understanding of equipment health and developing issues. This knowledge empowers predictive maintenance practices, resulting in less equipment downtime, longer machine life and lower maintenance costs.

Vibration data from the CSI 9210 allows users to accurately pinpoint potentially damaging conditions such as imbalance, looseness, bearing degradation, motor overloading, and pump cavitation. PlantWeb alerts and recommended actions are communicated to process automation systems and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software through the Foundation fieldbus protocol, giving users real-time access to the true condition of their rotating assets.

Predictive diagnostics in AMS Suite give vibration analysts a real-time view of the same machinery health information that plant operators see. Additional alert detail can be accessed directly in the field through the portable CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer. With detailed diagnostics available from the CSI 9210, vibration analysts can perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis for best cost maintenance.

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