Emerson Process Management's 475 Field Communicator delivers filed diagnostic capabilities

Emerson introduces the 475 Field Communicator, the next generation in handheld communicator technology. The Field Communicator extends beyond device configuration functionality to provide device diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities in the field and on the bench. Quick boot-up and fast operating time mean that jobs can be performed quickly and easily, while longer battery life ensures days, not hours, of operation. The intrinsically safe 475 Field Communicator supports HART, WirelessHART and Foundation fieldbus devices.

The 475 enables diagnosis and troubleshooting in the field to streamline daily maintenance activities. The latest version of the Easy Upgrade capability provides an interface for users to quickly and easily update their communicator onsite via the internet. Through Bluetooth communication, users can update their 475 Field Communicator with the latest Device Descriptions for their field devices.

The full-color LCD display provides an intuitive graphical interface that supports trend charts, gauges and graphics in enhanced Device Descriptions. The color display aids troubleshooting through high-contrast images. Users can also store up to 1,000 device configurations in the 475 Field Communicator or transmit them wirelessly between the communicator and a PC for printing and storage.

More than doubling the battery life of a typical NiMH battery, the 475 Field Communicator's Lithium-Ion power module ensures that users will have the power they need to get the job done.

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