Turck's A-Size powerfast connectors handle high-current applications

Turck announces A-Size three- and four-pin 7/8 16UN powerfast connectors that provide up to 600 Volts and 15 Amps of power in a modular wiring design. These IP67-rated connectors are manufactured to handle high-current applications for machine power distribution, while delivering resistance to vibration commonly associated with conveyors, motors and material-handling applications.

A-Size powerfast connectors are available in cordsets with tray-rated, exposed run PVC flexlife cable, which provides durability and high performance on fast-paced production lines. These cordsets are offered with or without STOOW ratings and feature 14 AWG wires that allow users to replace hardwiring with a robust, quick-disconnect system. Turck's A-Size powerfast line offers male and female, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths, and pigtails or extensions.

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