Calex's Model 8540 RTD to frequency signal conditioners are used in wind turbine applications

Calex Mfg. Co. Inc. announces the availability of the Calex Model 8540. The 8540 was selected for use in controlling and monitoring equipment temperatures in the nacelle of wind turbines where long-term operation and reliability is a must. The Model 8540 provides a low-cost solution for applications where single-point, isolated RTD signal conditioning is required. The 8540 is designed to operate into a common 24-volt, 7mA PLC high-speed counter input. It is suited for applications such as remote temperature monitoring.

The 8540 is designed for use with a platinum 100 ohm RTD over a temperature range of -100°C to 400°C. The 8540 is calibrated to the 0.00385 coefficient and is compensated for the non-linear characteristic of the RTD. The output frequency is 100Hz at -100°C to 5100Hz at 400°C, providing 12 bit resolution. The output optocoupler provides DC isolation from the input and the 24 VDC power. The 8540 is housed in a plastic case with a built-in DIN Rail mounting foot.

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