McGill's TL40PMT0 temporary lighting fixture meets energy efficiency requirements

McGill's 400W HID fixture (TL40PMT0) is designed to provide bright, energy-efficient and economical temporary lighting. Its rugged design, including die-cast aluminum ballast housing with powder-coat paint, also makes it suitable for lighting damp tunnels, bridges and marinas.  

Building on McGill's commitment to the environment, the fixture is fully compliant with requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007. In addition, it meets NEC Article 410.130(F)(5), which requires luminaries utilizing pulse start metal halide lamps to have an ANSI Type "O" lamp and a mogul socket to prevent non-compliant bulbs from being inserted.

Other safety features include a quick-attach wire guard combined with an overall low-profile design that keeps the fixture out of the way of danger. The fixture is UL and cUL listed. Properly installed and mounted, the fixture outputs seven foot candles of illumination at a twenty-foot mounting height, meeting OSHA requirements for minimum illumination while operating cooler than similar models. 

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