Extech's EX840 clamp meter offers True-RMS accuracy and a 1,000A AC/DC rating

Extech's EX840 clamp meter is designed for the demands of plant professionals. In addition to electrical measurements, this heavy-duty meter offers technicians CAT-IV rating, a built-in IR thermometer, True-RMS accuracy and a 1,000A AC/DC rating.

The EX840’s Category IV-600V/Category III-1,000V rating offers the highest level of protection available against sudden transient overvoltage and arcing flash-over. The built-in infrared thermometer with laser pointer identifies overheating electrical components from a safe distance.

Along with 1,000V and 1,000A AC and DC ratings, the True-RMS clamp meter’s functionality includes frequency, capacitance, resistance, IR and type-K probe temperature, peak hold, data hold, min/max and selectable auto-off. The EX840 is built to survive rough handling with a durable, ergonomic double-molded housing and a 1.7-inch (43-millimeter) jaw size suitable for 750MCM cable.

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