Anver's VPE Pipe Vacuum Lifter handles a variety of pipes without slings or magnets

Anver Corporation's pipe vacuum lifter features curved foam pad attachments to handle a variety of pipes from the top surface without slings or magnets. The Anver VPE Pipe Vacuum Lifter features an electric-powered vacuum pump that accepts interchangeable pad attachments to fit pipes from three to 36 inches O.D. and lengths from 12 to 20 feet. Constructed from closed-cell foam with an outside skin and serrated edge that seals tightly against rough surfaces, the pads can handle metals and plastics. Equipped with an internal check valve to maintain a safe vacuum level in the event of a power failure, the Anver VPE Pipe Vacuum Lifter includes a front control panel with easily accessible gauges, lights, power switches and an ergonomic handlebar that holds the control pendant.
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