Ideal Industries' Pro Coax Cable Stripper features orbiting blade technology

The Pro Coax Cable Stripper from Ideal is designed to boost volume, productivity and ROI for OEMs of coaxial cable assemblies. Featuring orbiting blade technology, this semi-automatic, programmable benchtop machine can accommodate coaxial and triaxial cable, PVC, Teflon, hookup wire and other cable types with outer diameters as large as .275 to produce strip lengths from .001 inches (.01 millimeters) to 1.500 inches (38 millimeters). Users will appreciate its menu-guided interface that shortens training time, its high-resolution monochrome display with easy-to-read characters and its built-in memory for storage of 999 batch programs.

Key to the success of the Pro Coax Cable Stripper is its titanium nitride-coated HSS cutter blade that delivers quality and repeatability. The blade orbits to provide full circumference cuts in an average cycle time of  seven seconds. As many as five steps can be programmed into the process to allow stripping and removal of the outer conductor and dielectric, incising the outer jacket at a required length, angling the conductor and more.

To increase versatility, Ideal is offering optional 20-, 60- and 120-piece interchangeable wire-guide sets for the Pro Coax Cable Stripper. Replacement blade sets and safety guards are also available.

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