Adalet populates empty ATEX-certified enclosures and provides CE certification

Adalet fully populates empty ATEX-certified enclosures and provides CE certification for any and all applicable CE marking directives. This ATEX control panel certification allows Adalet to eliminate the requirement to re-submit enclosure assemblies to third-party testing laboratories for final equipment certification, saving customers time and money.

The Adalet ATEX Control Panel Assembly certificate allows for the installation of control operators, motor control components and all other CE-marked components inside Adalet's line of ATEX-certified enclosures. Adalet also provides services for installation and wiring of all control components, as well as complete engineering design and review, certification, and documentation.

Adalet offers a range of XCEX flameproof control enclosures to meet most control panel requirements. XCPX features include copper-free aluminum construction with a corrosion-resistant tumblast finish and uniform wall thickness to aid in the installation of control devices, window kits and conduit/operator entries.  

Adalet offers a selection of options and accessories to satisfy most applications, including circuit breakers, disconnects, motor starters, relays, terminal block and DIN rail assemblies, control transformers, customer-supplied components, OL heaters, CE-marked components, panel meters and displays.

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