Futek's LCA600 load cell can withstand the rigors of challenging environments

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology Inc. has expanded its high-capacity load cell series by adding the LCA600 load cell to its product line. The LCA600 is offered in capacities of 100,000 to 300,000 pounds. The stainless steel LCA600 17-4PH, complete with a raised spherical surface to lower the possibility of off-center loading, comes equipped with a removable “ergonomic” handle for easy carrying. The Futek high-capacity load cell is designed to be compact, small and light in relation to its capacity. The LCA600 model comes with a removable connector guard, mounting holes on the bottom for mounting and is offered with an optional flat load plate accessory. Another feature offered with Futek's LCA600 high-capacity load cell is the USB Output option. Futek high-capacity load cells are made to withstand the rigors of challenging environments. The units are designed to operate in a temperature range of 0 to 160˚F.

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