LEDtronics' PAR30-style LED spotlight bulbs replaces 75-watt halogens and incandescents

LEDtronics announces the latest addition to its series of PAR30-style LED spotlight bulbs. The white-body, medium-beam PAR30 LED bulb is made up of five three-watt LEDs and replaces filament-based PAR30 bulbs. The bulb combines Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies with a standard 26-millimeter Edison screw-in base and a light-optimizing design to producing 337 lumens of warm-white light.

The 25-degree-beam PAR30A LED bulb runs on a voltage range of 85V to 260V AC current and can be used anywhere in the world. Other voltages like 12V AC or DC are optionally available. The LEDtronics PAR30A-style lamp is a direct screw-in replacement for 50W to 75W PAR30 incandescent or halogen bulbs and has a maximum power draw of only 8.5 Watts. The PAR30A LED lamp is available in 3000-Kelvin Warm White color temperature, provides about 40 lumens per watt (at 141 mA) and has a high color-rendering index of 83.

Since it uses LEDs instead of standard filaments, this energy-efficient bulb never gets hot and is safer and more economical than halogen bulbs. Designed for customers requiring the highest levels of brightness and efficacy, the white-body PAR30A bulb has a range of applications: recess or track lighting, accent lighting, general area lighting, architectural and landscape lighting, display-case fixtures and cabinet lighting, signage spotlighting and backlighting, aerospace lighting systems, industrial OEM equipment lighting, biomedical applications and truck-bay dock lighting.

The LEDtronics PAR-30A bulb complies with RoHS, the lead-free and mercury-free directive, as well as the CE safety assurance. It is designed for use with alternative or renewable energy resources — solar and wind power. Since it produces no harmful ultraviolet or infrared rays, it reduces light pollution, and it is compatible with the international “dark skies” initiative.

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