Airleader Professional Multi-Master Control comes with a built-in monitoring system

Airleader Professional, the first intelligent, demand-based, 8-fold, self-learning Multi-Master Control comes with a built-in monitoring system. The Web-based Airleader provides permanent monitoring and ongoing control of up to 16 compressors, including up to four VSD compressors. It manages VSD compressors in their sweet zones, thereby assuring the most efficient compressor use.

The Airleader provides automated system alerts via text message, e-mail, online reporting, audio, visual or via other communication means. The Airleader is an excellent tool to verify energy savings realized during improvement projects.

Compressor systems can be managed and monitored from your desk. The Airleader has an interface to connect to PLCs. The KPI (kWh/100 CF) of each compressor and of the overall compressor system, as well as many performance and cost data are available.

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