Belt failure poster from Gates helps troubleshoot the cause of drive problems

No one can afford downtime. That’s why Gates offers a new resource to help you avoid costly maintenance and save money. Use the Belt Diagnosis Poster to diagnose the underlying problems in your drives – whether it’s misalignment, an incorrect belt-to-sheave fit or old metal components.

Sheaves and sprockets that haven’t been replaced in more than eight years are beyond their useful life. If your belts aren’t lasting two years, you might have found your culprit. Increased downtime and unscheduled maintenance are among the signs that your drive’s metal is worn out.

One side of the new Gates poster identifies symptoms of failing V-belts – from cracking or wear on sidewalls to high belt temperatures and tie band separation. After outlining probable causes, it lists corrective actions you can take to maximize your drive’s productivity. Wear on the top surface, for example, might be from the belt rubbing against the guard or a damaged idler. Repairing or replacing the trouble-causing component is your best move.

The poster’s other side details the symptoms, causes and corrective actions for synchronous drive failure. For example, tracking might be caused by a misaligned drive or a center distance that exceeds 8x the small sprocket diameter. Proposed solutions include realigning or redesigning the drive. Keep this reference handy to help minimize downtime and save maintenance expenses. Request your belt failure poster today.

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