Confidex SteelWING RFID tab designed for direct-on-metal labels

Confidex introduces SteelWING, a passive UHF C1G2 special label that functions directly on metal surfaces. Metallic asset tracking, item-level tagging, metal RTIs (returnable transport item) or plastic RTIs with highly metal content are familiar applications where potential RFID users face obstacles to find a tag that is simultaneously well-performing, easily installable and cost-effective. Due to the traditional problem of RFID labels’ inability to function on metal surface, there have been challenges to go forward in those applications where on-metal hard tags can’t be used, although the benefits of RFID-enabled tracking system would be already clear and short return-of-investment time calculated.

With up to 10 meter (32 ft.) read range on metal surfaces, UHF Class 1 Generation 2 compliant Confidex SteelWING was designed to overcome the challenges of metal asset tagging. The key design targets of high performance, compact structure and cost-efficiency were achieved with SteelWING’s patent-pending design. The lightweight tag has an adhesive background and can be directly attached on metal surface without any extra spacer material.

Typically, such products work the better the more space is left in between tag and metal. But the drawback of such labels is that when antenna bends closer to metal and hence the distance to metal reduces, the RFID label performance decreases significantly. Instead of avoiding metal contact, contact between the metal and the antenna of Confidex SteelWING actually improves the operational performance. Unlike its competitive products, Confidex SteelWING is truly a metal-friendly RFID label.

SteelWING can also be attached to other materials and it can be operated still with slightly reduced performance compared to metal surfaces. Wide-band Confidex SteelWING is equipped with NXP G2XM IC which has extended user memory and Confidex can deliver the SteelWINGs with pre-encoding or customer specific data label showing visually the encoded data in barcode or human readable form.

Confidex SteelWING fits for various applications in many industries such as industrial returnable transit item tracking and IT asset management. Most often Confidex SteelWING is selected when the use of hard tags is non-justifiable due to the cost and when there’s no need for ultimate mechanical protection for the tag. Therefore Confidex SteelWING fills the gap in the market caused by the lack of suitable high-performance RFID labels for metal surfaces and therefore sets a new benchmark for the RFID industry.

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