ABB Robotics' IRB 4600 multi-purpose robot is designed for general industrial applications

Developed for general industrial applications, ABB Robotics' IRB 4600 robot features twice the working range, half the weight and a 25% better cycle time than comparable competitive models. The robot features a wide working range, minimal cycle times and improved path performance. It can be floor- or shelf-mounted, tilted and even inverted. Weighing just above 880 pounds (400 kg), it is the lightest general-purpose robot on the market.

The IRB 4600 is designed for manufacturing and material-handling applications, including machine tending, arc welding, cutting, dispensing, assembly, palletizing and packing, measuring, deburring and polishing. The robot comes in four versions: two short-arm versions (2.05 m) for 60 or 45 kg payload and two long-arm (2.50 and 2.55 m) versions for 40 or 20 kg.

The IRB 4600 offers:

  • Shorter cycle times: 10-25% shorter cycle times deliver increased production capacity
  • Greater path performance: up to 50% better path accuracy delivers higher quality at greater speeds, reduces scrap and improves productivity
  • Wide working range: with a maximum reach of 4.6 m and smaller wrists, the IRB 4600 has the flexibility of larger robots with the accessibility typically associated with smaller robots
  • Flexible mounting: floor, tilted, semi-shelf and inverted mounting for optimum robot placement and cell design
  • Compact size: the small footprint allows placement of the robot closer to the served machines, saving space and increasing productivity
  • Cost savings: less waste, less energy and better cycle times all equate to cost savings over the life of the robot

The IRB 4600 is designed to withstand harsh environments, and all models are protected according to the IP 67 standard. A Foundry Plus model is also available.

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