Schneider Electric's Altivar 12 variable-speed drive offers energy efficiency in a compact size

Schneider Electric introduces Altivar 12, a new variable-speed AC drive that delivers flexibility, performance and energy efficiency in a compact, easy-to-use design. It also comes with other key features, including:

  • Exceptional starting and stopping motor performance, which eliminates the need to oversize the drive or add dynamic braking in most applications
  • An intuitive user interface more common on high-end drives simplifies programming and reduces start-up time
  • A new generation of components that are designed to provide a 10-year service life or more even under less-than-ideal operating conditions (based on MTBF data)
  • A small product exterior that is suitable for consumer machines

With its small format and nearly 150 application-specific advanced functions, it can easily outperform other drives in its category, as well as many higher-end drives that may be oversized for the applications they control. The Altivar 12 drive features a new generation of components that are designed for a 10-year service life under normal operating conditions. This design can handle a wide range of power disturbances, enabling it to continue running despite minor transient voltage sags and surges, promoting impressive system reliability. Conformal coating in key areas also protects circuit boards from dust, moisture and other airborne contaminants, which allows the drive to withstand harsh environments.

Setup and usability are also dramatically easier. Installation requires only a screwdriver, and the rotary adjustment and navigation button provides intuitive fingertip access to the drive’s programming. An optional unique configuration console further allows OEMs and panel builders to configure the drive in its original packaging with the power off, saving time and money normally spent on manually entering parameters.

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