ABB's all-electric cranes produce no greenhouse gas emissions

ABB offers all-electric, emissions-free and energy efficient cranes. The automatic rail-mounted gantry cranes (ARMGs) have revolutionized the way that containers are handled in container terminals the world over. ABB says the ARMGs excel in key performance indicators like crane productivity, number of containers handled, low energy cost per container, and fast and accurate automatic operation. Whereas conventional rail-mounted gantry cranes require one operator per crane to perform these moves, the ABB concept enables a single supervisor to monitor between 8 and 12 automatic (unmanned) RMGs from a central control room – a considerable reduction in manpower and a boost in productivity per operator.

The ARMGs use a combination of patented high-precision ABB technologies – load positioning, target positioning and load control systems – that enable the crane to take the shortest and safest path to the target container, approach it at speed, and build stacks of containers up to 25 meters in height with millimeter accuracy. The all-electric cranes are also energy efficient. They utilize energy three to four times more effectively than diesel RTGs and regenerate electric power back into the grid during low load. Unlike diesel cranes, ARMGs produce no greenhouse gas emissions.

Click here to see a short video about ABB ARMG solutions. 

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