Hiroyuki Hirano's JIT Implementation Manual helps users implement a Just-in-Time program

The JIT Implementation Manual, originally published in the United States in 1990, is now available in a more versatile and accessible paperback format. Authored by international consultant Hiroyuki Hirano, this work is a comprehensive, detailed manual for setting up a Just-in-Time manufacturing program from start to finish.

The six paperback volumes contain all the original, unedited material from the first edition, divided into logical sections that follow the steps Mr. Hirano details for establishing a JIT production system. In addition, the latest edition includes a CD containing PDFs of all the forms in Volume 6 so that readers can easily print the individual forms in multiples, or use them as models for creating custom forms.

This six-volume presentation is filled with practical examples in support of lean implementation and quality maintenance, including more than 200 illustrations, checklists, charts, diagrams and sample JIT management forms.

The six volumes are:

  • Volume 1 — The Just-In-Time Production System
  • Volume 2 — Waste and the 5S's
  • Volume 3 — Flow Manufacturing — Multi-Process Operations and Kanban
  • Volume 4 — Leveling — Changeover and Quality Assurance
  • Volume 5 — Standardized Operations — Jidoka and Maintenance/Safety
  • Volume 6 — JIT Implementation Forms and Charts

JIT Implementation Manual: The Complete Guide to Just-in-Time Manufacturing, Second Edition — 

  • Details a complete overview and implementation methodology for Just-in-Time production in step-by-step fashion
  • Reissue of a classic work, now in an accessible paperback format 
  • Covers a major step of JIT implementation in each of the six volumes 
  • Includes a volume of interactive forms, in reproducible hard copy and on CD, covering all the essential tools of Just-in-Time, including a complete diagnostic tool 
  • Written by a leading authority, based on practical implementation and consulting experience
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