Port-A-Cool Jetstream 1600 evaporative cooling unit is designed to meet customers' needs

In a company-conducted survey, current Port-A-Cool unit owners were asked “If you could design a new model, what features would you include?” Responses included louvers to direct airflow; dual water fill options utilizing the built-in reservoir or a garden hose; quieter operation; a built-in cord wrap; and a larger reservoir allowing for longer run times. All of these features can now be found in the Port-A-Cool Jetstream 1600 portable evaporative cooling unit, which cools up to 1,000 square feet of space where air conditioning is ineffective or cost prohibitive. The model also includes standard Port-A-Cool unit features. All Port-A-Cool units lower temperatures 15°F to 25°F using tap water and 115 volts of electricity for an average utility cost of 7.5 cents to 28.2 cents per hour, depending on unit size.

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