Reznor's V3 Series Model UEAS gas-fired separated combustion unit heaters are designed for up to 93% thermal efficiency

Reznor V3 Series Model UEAS gas-fired separated combustion unit heaters are available in four sizes ranging from 130,000 to 310,000 BTUH gas input. Heaters are designed for up to 93% thermal efficiency and are approved for installation in the United States and Canada by ETL.

Reznor V3 Series unit heaters have a glossy white cabinet finish and less visible hardware. Each size cabinet is easily suspended from four suspension points. The low-voltage terminal strip on the outside of the cabinet makes connecting control wiring easy with no panels to remove. The addition of a “G” terminal to the low voltage strip, along with the new design of the circuit board, allows for fan only operation (without adding relays). All units have a factory installed gas line nipple to the exterior of the cabinet for easy gas service connection. The secondary heat exchanger has a 1/2-in. PVC pipe for attaching a coupling for ease of installation and cleaning of the required condensate drain. A 4-in. PVC cleanout cap that is drilled and tapped for a 1/2-in. NPT fitting is furnished with the heater for attaching the vent condensate drain.

A internal feature is the Tcore3 heat exchanger and single burner combustion system. Other standard features include a single-stage gas valve, multi-try direct spark ignition with 100% lockout, pressure switch to verify vent flow, venter motor, aluminum venter wheel with housing, resiliently isolated axial fan and motor assembly, a high temperature limit control, interlock door switch, and a built-in disconnect switch. Operation is controlled through an integrated circuit board. The circuit board monitors heater operation and has LED diagnostic indicator lights to identify abnormalities in control functions.

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