Fluke's 289 Multimeter is designed for industrial technicians

Fluke Corp. has published a series of application notes to help electricians and electronics professionals do advanced electrical testing with their Fluke digital multimeters (DMMs). The Fluke 289 Industrial Trending Digital Multimeter has multiple features designed for industrial technicians. These capabilities are explained in the Fluke application note, “The ultimate meter for the ultimate electrician/ industrial technician,” which is available on the Fluke Web site.

The Fluke 289 has automatic safety features like ghost voltage detection, easier logging with better display for on-the-spot troubleshooting, filters for variable-frequency drive (VFD) output readings and onscreen help.

Other capabilities built into the Fluke 289 that industrial technicians will appreciate:

  • Saving, recording and TrendCapture. The Fluke 289 DMM provides the usual measurement functions, such as V ac, V dc, ohms, capacitance, A ac and A dc. For all of these functions, the user can have the meter monitor a circuit while the technician is busy elsewhere. For example, a technician can set the meter up to record ac voltage on a circuit of concern and then exercise loads at a remote location on that circuit. Returning to the meter, he can then view a TrendCapture display of the circuit’s performance during the exercise.
  • 50 ohms (high power low ohms). Two features of this 50 W function should interest industrial electricians. First is the ability to measure low resistances with 0.001 ohm resolution. Second, the measuring circuit uses a higher measurement current than normal ohms functions, making low resistance readings more accurate in high noise environments.
  • LoZ ac volts. This safety and accuracy function clearly identifies live conductors among those showing ‘ghost voltage,’ which appears on unconnected wiring in close proximity to live conductors.
  • Low pass filter. With this feature, users can monitor the output voltage and frequency of an adjustable speed motor drive accurately, while rejecting the higher frequency output voltages that often confuse other meters.
  • The (i) info button. The ‘(i) info’ button eliminates the need for users to carry around a manual or reference card. Just select the desired function, highlight it in the menu and press ‘(i) info’ to see a brief description of the function and its use.
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