Schaffner's ECOsine Active Harmonics Filters improve power quality and reduce downtime

Schaffner's digital ECOsine Active Harmonics Filters (AHFs) provide real-time mitigation of harmonics and immediate compensation for voltage dips and reactive power surges. ECOsine Active filters continuously measure and analyze disturbances in the power network and provide an exactly opposite compensation current. In doing so, the filters actively adapt to changing network topologies and respond in less than half a millisecond, preventing damage from occuring.

The improved power quality provided by the filters minimizes the risk of downtime and process interruptions, saving energy and money. In addition to the global or selective mitigation of harmonic currents up to the 50th order, ECOsine Active filters are able to perform targeted power factor correction. This dynamic process provides the required reactive power within microseconds, faster than traditional automatic capacitor banks.

ECOsine Active filters are compatible with the stringent international harmonics standard IEEE 519, as well as with local utility codes. In addition, their electrical infrastructure is unburdened, preventing potential overheating of transformers, motors or cables and reducing premature wear of electrical equipment. The filters are available in three-phase/three-wire as well as three-phase/four-wire configurations for 480V and 400V grids respectively and with rated compensation currents from 30A to 300A. All three-wire filters are UL listed.

The IP20 50A and 100A filters are designed for panel integration and can be installed right by the non-linear load. The IP54 rating of the 300A unit provides protection against dust and environmental influences even in harsh industrial applications. ECOsine Active filters are easy to install and intuitive to operate.

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