Birchwood Casey’s Tru Temp Black Oxide System eliminates labor costs

The Birchwood Casey CNC (computer numerically controlled) Tru Temp finishing system offers black oxide finishes with minimal labor costs. The non-polluting, low-temperature process is available in an integrated, programmable hoist and tank line to automatically process iron and steel components with a black oxide finish.

Designed specifically for handling the Tru Temp process, this self-controlled tank line eliminates the labor costs normally required with manual hoist lines. The CNC process line eliminates process guesswork and generates highly repeatable results. The standard, 110-gallon tank line system produces 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of finished parts per eight-hour shift, and the line can be sized and configured to accommodate any volume of work or production capacity.

The CNC system can process up to three part loads concurrently for a maximum throughput of about five loads per hour. The hoist and superstructure can be built to handle any size load and are operated by an Allen Bradley PLC digital control with a touchscreen panel and manual joystick backup. The hoist locates itself accurately along the process line by means of a rack and pinion driveline, combined with setdown saddles on each tank. Process tanks are constructed of mild or stainless steel, or reinforced polypropylene, as appropriate to the application. Tanks can be laid out in two ways: with pickup and drop-off points at opposite ends of the line or with a single load/unload station with the hoist pickup and drop-off at the same point.

The Tru Temp CNC hoist processes parts through the following station sequence:

  • Station 1: Load pickup
  • Station 2: Alkaline soak clean
  • Station 3/4: Double counterflow rinse
  • Station 4: Mild acid primer/prep
  • Station 5: Cold overflow rinse
  • Station 6: Tru temp black oxide
  • Station 7: Cold overflow rinse
  • Station 8: Rust preventative oil
  • Station 9: Load dropoff

The Tru Temp finish produces a durable, satin-black magnetite coating that is 0.5 microns thick (20 millionths) with no effect on material hardness. The finish can withstand 100-200 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D1748). The high level of corrosion protection is important for both long-term part storage and/or overseas shipment.

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