Quincy Compressor's direct drive rotary screw compressor is quiet with compact footprint

Quincy Compressor introduces the quietest direct drive compressor on the market, with a compact, efficient footprint. The Quincy QGD has a 10-year Royal Blue Warranty and offers consistent, industrial-strength performance that keeps operations up and running efficiently. With the lowest sound levels on the market at 67 db(A) with an enclosure and 74 db(A) without, the QGD modular design provides quiet, reliable operation for years to come. Based on Siemens PLC, the standard Quincy QGD microprocessor control provides efficient inlet valve modulation control and the ability to network up to six compressors, providing future flexibility. A basic gauge control package is also available.

The Quincy QGD employs a unique horizontal separator tank and multi-service block allowing for optimized oil separation and maintenance ease. This design allows for the use of a spin-on filter, making separator maintenance quick and easy, requiring no special tools. Following the same design philosophy as Quincy’s QSI compressor, the QGD uses a direct drive airend. With no gears or belts and a C-Face mounted motor, power is efficiently transmitted directly where it’s needed, ensuring smooth, stable operation with no alignment issues.
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