Appleton's TMC and TMCX cable connectors terminate jacketed and non-jacketed metal-clad electrical cable

As electricians increasingly rely on metal-clad cable in place of traditional conduit, the need has arisen for faster, easier-to-install cable connectors that withstand corrosive industrial environments. To meet this demand, Appleton offers its TMC and TMCX line of cable connectors. Engineered for the North American market, these cable connectors securely terminate interlocked/corrugated aluminum or steel armor jacketed metal-clad cables (Type MC/MCHL), as well as continuous welded armor cables (Type CLX or TECK). The TMC is designed for non-hazardous applications, while the TMCX is an explosionproof version that is rated for use in Class I, Div. 1 and 2 locations.

The TMC calls for no disassembly during installation — just insert the metal-clad cable and tighten for a watertight, dust-tight connection. The TMCX has an integral union that ensures that seal integrity is not compromised when the connector is disconnected, enabling the reuse of the connector, an advantage that saves downtime and the expense of replacement.

Now redesigned to achieve watertight NEMA 4X rating and offer IP66 protection, the connectors are proven solutions for a variety of corrosive, harsh installations as diverse as automotive manufacturing, offshore drilling, marinas, stadiums, parking structures, pulp and paper plants and petrochemical refineries. A nickel-plated brass version is available for marine sites, along with a stainless steel model for use in extremely aggressive environments.

Features contributing to success include an integral O-ring face seal, superior pull-out prevention, independent sealing and armor clamping, true 360-degree grounding, plus a slim, compact profile that requires only minimum space between knockouts. An additional Integral Deluge proof seal is available for protection in extreme offshore and onshore environments.

The connectors are available in trade sizes of a 1/2 in. to 4 in. They are UL Listed and CSA certified.

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