Nuvera's PowerEdge hybrid fuel cells replace standard lead acid batteries

Nuvera Fuel Cells introduces PowerEdge, a line of  hybrid fuel cell products for forklift trucks. PowerEdge replaces standard lead acid batteries and consists of Nuvera’s PowerFlow hydrogen fuel cell system, sealed maintenance-free batteries, compressed hydrogen storage and a computerized control system. The unit incorporates all needed counterweight and requires no truck modification or derating. Unlike conventional motive batteries, PowerEdge stays in the truck and is refueled with hydrogen in two minutes or less, allowing operators to get back to the floor immediately. PowerEdge is a smart system that comes equipped with automated controls and remote monitoring to provide enhanced fleet management capabilities. Currently available models are the C Series for Class I counterbalance trucks and the R Series for Class II reach trucks.

PowerEdge increases forklift fleet productivity by eliminating time-consuming battery changes and by providing constant voltage to the truck. Federal subsidies recently enacted accelerate customer payback during this initial product introduction phase. PowerEdge can be refueled by PowerTap, Nuvera’s complete on-site hydrogen generation and fueling solution that is designed to provide the lowest cost of fuel possible. For customers concerned with their carbon footprint, TPS offers an average 33% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared with batteries recharged with electricity.

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