Azima DLI's Watchman Reliability Services combine analytical software with remote-monitoring capabilities

Azima DLI introduces its enhanced Watchman Reliability Services. These services combine the industry’s analytical software with remote-monitoring capabilities to deliver solutions ranging from subscription-based vibration analysis to advanced on-site technical assistance. Aimed at transforming current machine condition-monitoring practices, Watchman Reliability Services help industrial plants, transportation organizations and the military implement high-quality, sustainable condition-monitoring programs to avoid unnecessary maintenance and unplanned equipment failures. 

The technology-based service offerings provide companies with high-quality condition-monitoring results, which translate into reduced maintenance costs and maximum equipment reliability. Customers can choose specific offerings within the flagship Watchman Reliability Services umbrella depending on their condition-monitoring needs, budget and on-site resources. These offerings are:

  • Watchman Analysis — Watchman Analysis is the company’s most cost-effective, subscription-based monitoring service. In this scenario, customers collect machine vibration data themselves and upload it to Azima DLI’s Web-based portal, the Watchman Reliability Portal, which allows Azima DLI experts to analyze the data remotely. Customers can then access results and alerts through the portal’s intuitive dashboard that provides up-to-date information about equipment condition and the status of ongoing monitoring programs.
  • Watchman Onsite — With the Watchman Onsite service, an Azima DLI Watchman specialist  makes on-site visits to collect information such as vibration data, oil samples, infrared thermography images or other machine dynamic data to perform specialized diagnostic or corrective work. In addition, companies seeking a completely outsourced machine condition monitoring solution can combine the Watchman Onsite data collection services with the Watchman Analysis services, where an Azima DLI technician collects machine data at the site, then transmits it back to Azima DLI expert analysts for assessment.   
  • Watchman Remote — Watchman Remote monitoring is a robust, 24/7 online monitoring and remote diagnostic service managed by Azima DLI experts. Through automated alarms and advanced Internet technologies, Azima DLI and plant personnel are linked to machines around the clock allowing just-in-time maintenance of critical equipment. When an alert occurs, remote analysts immediately review detailed machine data to assess the condition and recommend the most cost-effective actions available.
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