Hamworthy Peabody Combustion's ECOjet NOx burner offers ultra-low emissions with little or no flue gas recirculation

Hamworthy Peabody Combustion unveils the ECOjet, a NOx burner offering ultra-low emissions with little or no flue gas recirculation. Ignition is achieved using Chentronics' self-cleaning, low-maintenance High Energy Direct Spark Ignitor. This burst mode ignition with flashing indicator allows the operator to observe the ignitor condition during operation, eliminating the need for an ignitor fuel train. Gas-electric ignitors are also available firing natural gas, propane and coke oven gas.

  • Staged gas design provides stable flames, up to 20:1 burner turndown, hot standby, available continuous pilot and precise furnace warm-up.
  • Ultra-low NOx on a range of gaseous fuels (natural gas, propane, refinery gas, landfill gas, off gasses).
  • Low NOx on all liquid fuels (No. 2 through No. 6 fuel oil, ultra-heavy fuels such as pitch and bitumen).
  • Applicable to package, industrial and utility boilers ranging from single to multi-burner wall-fired, Turbo and other boiler types.
  • NOx levels <30 ppm without FGR
  • Ultra-Low NOx (<10 ppm) with less FGR than other burners, greater efficiency and lower CO2 footprint. 
  • Burner ramp rates not limited by speed.
  • Does not require complicated control systems.
  • Does not require special fuel or combustion air filtration or straining.
  • Capacities up to 400 MM BTU/hr.
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