Advantech's BAS-3000 building automation controller series provides remote management capabilities

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has launched the BAS-3000 series, which is designed for facility monitoring, control systems and energy management applications. With web-enabled devices, the BAS-3000 series provides easy access and remote management capabilities through an Ethernet connection with a browser-based interface, offline simulation and online debugging. All control modules in this series support both local and remote I/O expansion to increase flexibility and offer auto-tuning PID control.

The BAS-series consists of the BAS-3512/3520 Direct Digital Controllers. These stand-alone, programmable controllers deliver various onboard I/O, which provides flexible options to satisfy various application requirements. The BAS-3520/3521 expansion I/O modules can be stacked on the DDC controller or can serve as a remote, stand-alone I/O through an RS-485 network. BASpro, a free programming software package integrated with BAS-3520/3521 DDC, allows users to develop programs quickly, mainly due to the user-friendly GUI. BASPro delivers powerful and flexible function blocks, such as scheduler, HVAC calculation, sequential control, PID control, alarm and message, eliminating the need to write program code.

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